Courses Taught

I taught in higher education from 2002 to 2017.  Those courses were offered to both undergraduates and graduates, as well as in bricks & mortar and online classrooms.  In my fifteens years in the classroom, I developed and taught a wide variety of courses, including:

  • The American Family in Film and Television*†
  • The City in Film
  • Family Health Issues†
  • Family Studies†
  • Gay Rights, Film, Television, and Social Change*†
  • Human Development in a Family Setting†
  • The Image of the Child in Film and Television*
  • Politics and the Silver Screen*†
  • Portfolio to Professoriate
  • Professional Development:  Identity†
  • Professional Development:  Integration†
  • Professional Development:  Knowledge†
  • The Serial Killer Film Genre*
  • Societal Influences on Professional Practice†

* For these courses, I developed the class from proposal to curriculum committee approval, along with teaching the class.

† These courses are a part of the general education curriculum and required writing instruction in addition to content delivery.