Project Management

Whether your goal is developing a new online curriculum for a customer, planning an event, starting a new business, or any complex and time-consuming process, I can manage it for you.

I have decades of experience managing complicated national and international projects and events with multiple stakeholders and I can provide a variety of services to you that will take the overwhelm out of any undertaking.

One of the most popular services I offer is to plot out the milestones of your project (sharing the milestone document) and provide supportive accountability check-ins (available over phone, email, or text) for you leading up to each milestone.  Never miss another important deadline!  If we discover, at check-in that there are some tasks still undone, I can problem-solve with you and adjust the timeline.

Another favorite service I offer for projects involving a team is providing project summaries and reminders for the whole team.  When you hire me to do the project communication for you, you can get back to doing what you love and what you are good at.

The cost of my services is $50 an hour (I take PayPal and Zelle and I require pre-payment). Our first step is a 30-minute telephone consultation. On the call, I will learn about your business so I can send you a tailored proposal for the services I offer that will solve your problems. If you purchase my services, a $25 charge for the telephone consultation will be added to your invoice. If you don’t purchase my services, the 30-minute telephone consultation is free.

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