Branding and Identity Development

When people interact with your business (by visiting your website, paying for your services online, or following you on social media) do they see a unified message about your brand?

Talk of “branding” may not be your cup of tea, but the truth is that you do have a brand and you are sending a message about it.  The message you are sending may be muddled right now.  Your brand may currently be unclear or confusing to your clients or customers.

But the good news is that it doesn’t take long to clean up your brand.  And the tools you can use for branding moving forward are simple to use.  A clean logo, a powerful tagline, and a go-to color scheme that represents who you are and what you do will help your clients or customers remember your business and chose your services again and again.  After all, everyone has a brand they are loyal to.  Make your business one of those brands.

Simplified branding doesn’t have to be expensive.  My hourly rate is $50 an hour (I take PayPal and Zelle and I require pre-payment). Our first step is a 30-minute telephone consultation. On the call, I will learn about your business so I can send you a tailored proposal for the services I offer that will solve your problems. If you purchase my services, a $25 charge for the telephone consultation will be added to your invoice. If you don’t purchase my services, the 30-minute telephone consultation is free.

The benefits of good branding include:

  • Customer recognition
  • Customer loyalty
  • Increases customer confidence in your business
  • Increases customer confidence when deciding to purchase your services
  • Communicates your shared values with your customer
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