Relationship Building


In the grant administration I have been doing since 2007, I have recruited and managed hundreds of volunteers.  Some of my relationship building accomplishments include:

  • Vetted and recruited over 100 faculty members from across the country to work on assessment tool creation teams (all work done via conference call).  Time commitment required at least an hour a week for 18 months.  No compensation was provided.
  • Recruited over 100 campuses to test created assessment tools and give feedback.  No compensation was provided.
  • Vetted and recruited over 50 expert scorers to score between one and six work samples.  No compensation was provided.
  • Recruited numerous students and faculty to submit more than 50 work samples and provide permission to use those work samples in a national assessment project.  No compensation was provided.

But my people skills going far beyond volunteer management.  From teaching to executive support, I am happiest when serving others in my vocation.  You can read more about my relationship building strengths.