Rubric Training

From 2007 to 2010, I served as the VALUE Initiative Manager for a FIPSE grant through the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U).  In that time, I led over a hundred faculty (on fifteen teams) in the creation of a set of national rubrics for higher education.  Those rubrics have been downloaded by over 17,000 discrete users and are in use on more than 1400 college campuses.

Through that experience, I developed a lot of expertise on rubrics and their development.  I have consulted with a number of universities since on rubric creation processes and guidelines, facilitating development of rubrics all over the country, and giving keynotes on rubrics and assessment.  I have also written a piece for Peer Review on the portfolios and rubrics.  Finally, I wrote a piece for AAC&U’s rubric publication on the lessons I learned in creating the VALUE rubrics.

quoteThe MSW program at the School of Social Work at Portland State University, functioning within the assessment framework established by the Council on Social Work Education, needs to undertake assessing their graduate students’ mastery of the nine competencies and forty-three practice behaviors.  At the same time, the MSW program wants to continue to assess their existing course outcomes.  That complex of a job calls for a rubric!

I was pleased to be invited to give a rubric training for the MSW program in Winter 2014.  A recording was made of the training:

In addition, I created a powerpoint for the training and provided the “lessons learned” article I wrote, sample rubrics, and an example of a complex assignment from one of the program’s courses as handouts.

I thoroughly enjoy giving trainings and believe strongly in rubrics as excellent assessment tools.  I hope I can continue to aid the MSW program as they undertake designing and implementing rubrics for their core curriculum.

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