CFS Committee Service

My most important service contribution is my service on the CFS Core Committee.  In the meetings for this committee, we refine and adjust the existing curriculum and innovate various curricular and extracurricular offerings to bring students an outstanding education.

cfsAlthough I am new to the department, I think that I am of use on this committee in that my fresh eyes spot areas of the program that need explanation, documentation, or updating.

I have to say, that–along with that upside of being new–I also slow our meetings down from time to time because I don’t know some procedures and traditions.  I endeavor to lessen that in the future.

One of the things I have been able to contribute to the CFS Core Committee is the altering of the assignment structure of two the programs professional development courses.  In the past, the only assignment that earned points in these courses was the documentation that is the main purpose of the course.  There are other assignments, but they had earned no points.  Those non-pointed assignments had to be completed to pass the course, but after teaching in the sequence in Fall 2013, I felt that students didn’t take the non-pointed assignments as seriously as they ought.

Collaborating with another instructor in the sequence, I was able to propose and get approved a change that allows all the assignments in the courses to receive points.

Teaching the course again in Winter 2014, I can already see an improvement in student performance on the newly-pointed assignments.

One of the contributions I hope to make to this committee during summer 2014 is to gather information on all the theories taught in various CFS courses and to construct a theory map for the entire program.  This will enable to the committee to examine the curriculum at a glance and determine whether overlap is happening and fill in any theory gaps found.

I am lucky to work with knowledgable and generous colleagues in the Child and Family Studies program and I always eagerly look forward to these committee meetings and the work we do together.

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