Wende Morgaine Garrison is the creator of the original fifteen AAC&U VALUE rubrics.  In addition, Wende is the creator of both the AAC&U VALUE rubric train the trainer curriculum, and the AAC&U online VALUE rubric calibration curriculum.  Wende has a number of innovative achievements, including being the co-founder of AAC&U Annual Eportfolio Forum, which she chaired for five years.

She currently does higher education consulting for assessment (and other areas), along with giving numerous keynotes.  A partial list of past clients can be found here.  A partial list of keynotes can be found here.

She is also an experienced and pioneering online faculty member.  In the past, she has taught curriculums and courses online for students at Portland State University, Stanford, University of Michigan, University of Texas, Virginia Tech, and Georgia Tech.

If you would like more information about hiring Wende, email wendebmg@gmail.com to set up a complimentary discussion of your needs.